Welcome to the Tunel documentation! This is the Tunel, giving you interactive management for your containers.



A huge challenge with these modern internet protocols is that there is (still) somewhat of a barrier between a command line and a web interface. We have to do extra work to bridge that gap, for example delivering restful APIs for a command line client, OAuth2 flows to authenticate via your platform of choice, or even sharing your containers with others, period.

“Tunel” is a tunnel between those two things. It takes the technology of some of the core container tools and brings them together to have some open source, collaborative fun, and importantly, to help the academic scientist use container technology.

Getting Started



@vsoch is looking for feedback about what features you would like implemented next!

This is exciting because by way of a web interface, we can very easily bring many more modern tools to our interaction with containers. Please provide feedback or contribute!

Getting Help

This is an open source project. Please contribute to the package, or post feedback and questions as issues. You’ll notice a little eliipsis () next to each header section. If you click this, you can open an issue relevant to the section, grab a permalink, or suggest a change. You can also talk to us directly on Gitter.

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This code is licensed under the Affero GPL, version 3.0 or later LICENSE.