Singularity Global Client: Google Container Cloud

These sections will detail of how to connect with the Google Container Cloud using the Singularity Global client. The backend here is actually the same as docker, and the authentication is slightly different. We won’t go over every call here (see the Docker pages for the rest) but we will show you how to authenticate here.

Using GCloud

If you are familiar with the gcloud client, you might know that when you are logged in, you can use a command like this to pull an image:

$ gcloud docker -- pull

The sregistry equivalent would then be:

$ sregistry pull docker://

If you have a docker config.json on your computer, this command might be sufficient! If not, then you will want to try setting the following environment variables.


Then you should be able to pull the image, and proceed using the client via the standard docker commands. Continue reading there to see them.