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Singularity Hub Open for Building


Singularity Hub is open for general building! We have a few other updates to announce for the server.

GitHub Login

You now shouldn’t log out when you change between www and a naked domain (e.g., vs., and the server will redirect to


Importantly, since we now use a naked URL, all previously existing webhooks for your repositories will need to be checked and updated if necessary to not include www. You can go into your GitHub repository Settings –> Webhooks, and then select the Singularity Hub webhook and change the url to not use www., and click save.

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Singularity Hub Announcement


I’m happy to announce that we will cautiously be opening up Singularity Hub after quite an eventful July. This version of Singularity Hub follows a malicious use of our API that indeed did put the future of the service at risk. I say cautiously because we have disabled building for all except for a group of testing users, and will plan on re-enabling building for everyone later this week, or sometime next week. If you are interested in being a testing user, please let me know. Through the end of this week I’m going to be monitoring the service like a hawk, and all users should expect intermittent restarts if necessary.

For quick links, see the new limits and release notes.

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Singularity Hub 2.2 Release


Singularity Hub v2.2 is a security release following a malicious use of the API. A quick summary of changes include:

  • limits have been set on all views, APIs, and user actions
  • login is required for most views
  • unnecessary views have been removed

A detailed description is included below, and for a listing of new limits we direct the reader to the limits page. See best best practices for instructions on how to properly pull containers so that you don’t exceed a rate limit.

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Singularity Hub 2.1 Release


The release of Singularity Hub v2.1 coincides with Singularity v2.5 release, and Singularity Python v2.5. Importantly, we have done the following:

  • you will need to update your builders for old collections, under “Settings” in your collection view.
  • the builder is updated to give you a larger instance by default (100MB) and more cores (2), the n1-standard-2 instance up from n1-standard-1
  • the interface “snack box” and plots in the container view have been removed.
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