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Singularity Hub Open for Building


Singularity Hub is open for general building! We have a few other updates to announce for the server.

GitHub Login

You now shouldn’t log out when you change between www and a naked domain (e.g., vs., and the server will redirect to


Importantly, since we now use a naked URL, all previously existing webhooks for your repositories will need to be checked and updated if necessary to not include www. You can go into your GitHub repository Settings –> Webhooks, and then select the Singularity Hub webhook and change the url to not use www., and click save.

For example, if you see this:

You need to change it to:

If the url is already correct, no further changes are required. And if you would like for us to do this for you, please log in with GitHub, and then contact @vsoch with your collection name. If you look at a webhook status and the response is red with 301, this means that you need to make this change.


Your webhook will not ping a build if you do not do this!

Pulling from Singularity Hub

Again, we’d like to remind users that each container has 100 pulls per week, and that’s it. Please pull a container binary before running anything at scale, and then for your jobs interact with the container binary directly. If you have a special need for a larger number of requests (e.g., a workshop or tutorial) please contact @vsoch with the date to arrange it. Finally, we direct the reader to the following major updates about general usage limits.

Collection Build Limits

Each collection is allowed a maximum of 25 builds per day. This includes rebuilds of the same container. The overall collection limit of 100 containers is still set.

Mobile Navigation

I’ve done my best to fix the mobile navigation so it’s easier to see the items on the left side. Thanks to @yarikoptic for pointing this out.


If you run into an issue, please report it! @vsoch will be actively around over the weekend to help.