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The Last Day of Singularity Hub

The following screenshots were taken on the last day of Singularity Hub being online, in an effort to preserve its memory. These are out of order, so you can appreciate as they are.


Hello Singularity Hub! This was the home page, which was more for show than anything else (it was not very useful). It sometimes had a message for the users, and links to background about the service.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/1Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub.png


The about page showed the primary contacts, along with a HUGE thank you to Google for funding the service. Thank you Google, I <3 you!

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/1Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(1).png

Container Collections

As of summer 2019, users were limited to viewing their own container collection (or searching for others). This was a view of my (vsoch’s) container collections.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub.png

User Profile

The user profile included a collections tab, user profile, favorites, and “danger zone” to delete an account.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(1).png /singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(2).png /singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(3).png /singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(4).png

Adding a new collection

Adding a new collection was as simple as connecting a GitHub repository!

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(5).png


We kept a complete record of all container labels, which typically were used for versions, authors, and other container metadata. I always thought this looked like a brick wall.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(6).png

Scientific FileSystem Apps

We did the same for scif (the scientific filesystem) apps, which would turn a container with a single entrypoint into one with many.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(7).png


Tags as well, which were derived from GitHub topics associated with the repository. This was a good way to browse containers.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(8).png

And this was the result of a search! You could search by name, tags, or generally any text field associated with a container.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(9).png


Although the API started with many endpoints to list containers, labels, tags, or anything represented in the database, ultimately all these extra “fluff” interactions were removed, and only the single required endpoint to pull and download a container was maintained.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 Container Basic By Name – Django REST framework.png


My favorite view was always the container collection. It was a simple table of containers to explore!

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(10).png


And each collection had settings where you could change your builder, collection visibility, or manage (e.g., deletion).

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(11).png /singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(12).png /singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(13).png /singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(14).png


The usage section was fairly minimal, but showed you how to pull your container.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(15).png


The container recipe not only showed the Singularity recipe, but also metrics related to its build.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(16).png

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub-v2.png


This is an example of labels extracted for this container.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(1)-v2.png


And the build log would be available on success, or error.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(2)-v2.png

Collection with Topics

This shows a collection with topic tags.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(3)-v2.png

Collection with Multiple Containers

And here is a collection with multiple containers!

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(4)-v2.png


Finally, this shows apps that are associated with a container.

/singularityhub-docs/assets/img/lastday/Screenshot_2021-04-25 singularity-hub(5)-v2.png

Thank you to my Singularity Hub robots for being my pretend team, and to Google for funding!