Singularity Python

Welcome to the Singularity Python documentation!

What is Singularity Python

Singularity Python is a Python API to work with the Singularity open source software. Are you a scientist or developer? You likely will be most interested in the ability to interact with Singularity containers from your own Python scripts. See here for the core module docstrings.

Getting Started

Getting Help

This is an open source project. Please contribute to the package, or post feedback and questions as issues. You’ll notice a little eliipsis () next to each header section. If you click this, you can open an issue relevant to the section, grab a permalink, or suggest a change. You can also talk to us directly on Gitter.

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We welcome any kind of contribution, whether a suggestion, a bug fix, feature request, or new feature. See our contributing docs for more information.


This code is licensed under the MPL 2.0 LICENSE.