Singularity Container Bases

Singularity Community Catalog
Given the large set of recipes that we find in the Singularity Community Catalog, how do they break down? The plots below show recipes broken down by the base images (versions excluded), organizations of those images, and the bootstrap type. What do you see?

Which bases are most commonly used?

Wow, Ubuntu and debian are clear winners here! Centos seems to come in at a close second, along with machine learning and conda bases. And we have quite a long tail. What else would you like to derive from this data?

What if we break that down into organizations?

If we break that down into organizations (of which the core containers on Docker Hub are not included because they do not technically have one) we see different winner! The top is one organization that uses this common base container, followed by a few knows and a few unknowns.

Which bootstrap types are used?

The leader in bootstrapping is obviously docker!

How often is "latest" used?

And finally, about 1 in 9 users are using the latest tag. Yikes!